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Editor: Michel Fauze Mattar

Associate Editor: Leandro Carlos Mazzei


About RGNE

The goal of Revista de Gestão e Negócios do Esporte (RGNE) is to foster the scientific/academic/professional advancement of the activity through the publication of high-quality studies and research and new knowledge, successful experiments and capabilities in the area, in addition to raising the interest and positive debate throughout the professional and academic environment of the management, policies and related activities, within the scope of sports organizations and institutions offering sports practices, in the public sector, as well as in the private sector, in the media, at the three levels of government and in other segments or sectors that, somehow, are related to the area.

Theoretical-empirical articles must present well-grounded concepts and research methods that are compatible with the study objectives. Theoretical articles must include a consistent review of the available bibliography, which contemplate all relevant aspects to the theme and, if possible, draws comparisons across the results of previous research carried out in the area.



Revista de Gestão e Negócios do Esporte (RGNE) is a six-monthly periodical, published in the months of June and December of every year. RGNE’s graphic presentation is based on the standards in the Manual published by the American Psychological Association (APA), a guide on the standardization of scientific publications vastly acknowledged and used by the international academia.



Manuscripts submitted to publication must be unpublished (may not have been published in any other periodical, but may have been presented at congresses), and approach subjects in the following areas:

  • Presentation of new research methodologies or techniques that allow for the use of data or information in organizations’ and institutions’ decision-making processes;
  • Application of methodologies or techniques to organizations’ and institutions’ decision-making processes;
  • Presentation of research whose results are relevant for professionals or organizations and institutions involved in sports management, policies, administration and sports-related businesses;
  • Reports of case studies illustrating the application of techniques and knowledge of management and administration in sports-related businesses;
  • Development of new theories or validation of existing theories with relevance to the areas of sports management, policies, administration and sports-related businesses, based on the use of empirical research.

Articles that do not comply with RGNE’s norms shall be returned to their authors; therefore, it is important that authors, prior to submitting their papers on-line, check them for compliance with the conditions listed below:

  • The contribution is original, unpublished and is not undergoing evaluation by any other periodical;
  • The file submitted does not exceed 2MB and is in Microsoft Word format;
  • The copy of the article complies with the norms established by Revista de Gestão e Negócios do Esporte (RGNE);
  • There is no identification of the authors in the body of the article nor in the properties of the Microsoft Word file, to enable the blind review of the paper;
  • Authorship of the article must not exceed the maximum of four authors;
  • The authors authorize the publication, any alterations to the copy, and the adjustment of the article toRGNE’s publication norms;
  • The authors are aware that RGNE accepts no responsibility for the opinions, ideas and concepts expressed in the copies, as they are their authors’ sole responsiblity.

Articles must be submitted on-line at

The Editor reserves the right to accept or reject any articles, taking into account RGNE’s editorial policy, and whether the approached themes are compatible with the focus of the magazine.

An author with an article undergoing evaluation shall not submit another manuscript until the final evaluation of the previous submission has been received.

The Editor may or may not accept an article after it has undergone evaluation in the double blind review process, which ensures anonymity and secrecy both for the author (or authors) and referees.

The Editor may suggest alterations to the article both in terms of content and in terms of adjustments of the copy to wording and presentation norms (APA).

The RGNE does not charge the author(s) fees related to the processes of submission, evaluation and publication of the articles.


Requirements for evaluation

Articles submitted to evaluation must be written in Portuguese or English. Approved articles will be published in Portuguese or English.

An article shall not be concurrently submitted to evaluation by another periodical.

Articles must be free of grammatical, punctuation or spelling erros. Referees shall not perform any corrections.

Articles approved for publication shall be submitted to final edit and proofreading (grammatical and spelling).

All evaluations are performed on a standardized evaluation form, featuring space for customized comments, which shall be forwarded to their authors in case of conditional acceptance, corrections, rejection or refusal.


Article approval

Evaluated articles may have the following results:

  • Approved without restrictions; in which case they shall be sent for publication;
  • Approved with restrictions; in which case they shall be returned to their authors to be improved and submitted to reevaluation;
  • Not approved; in which case they shall be eturned to their authors.


Peer Review Process

All articles submitted to publication will be initially checked by the Editor, along with one member of the Scientific Editorial Team, for: uniqueness, fitness for RGNE´s editorial lines, formatting, adopted methodology, quality and wording.

If the articles are deemed unfit, they shall be returned to their authors without undergoing review.

If they are found fitting, they shall be submitted to evaluation by two referess, in blind review system. The referees will evaluate the paper in terms of:

  • Contemporaneity of the subject - The theme or subject approached must be relevant to the research area;
  • Clarity of purpose - There should be no question about what the core element in the article is;
  • Methodological suitability - The adopted methodology must be suitable to the research problem;
  • Methodological correctness - Correct application of the adopted methodology;
  • Clarity of development - Proper integration of goals, theories, methodologies, results and conclusions;
  • Analyses and results - Form of presentation and discussion of analyses and results;
  • Conclusions - Foundation and correctness against the goal(s) and achieved results;
  • Research limitations and suggestions for new research - Presentation of the limitations and restrictions to research and suggestions for new studies on the theme;
  • Compliance with the editorial norms of scientific publications set by the American Psychological Association (APA), 6th ed.;
  • Wording - Suitability, correctness, clarity and objectivity.


Copywriting and formatting requirements

Any authorship identification must be deleted from the file and properties of the Microsoft Word file.

As part of the submission process, authors must check for the compliance of their submission with all items listed below. Any submissions not in compliance with the norms shall be returned to their authors. Articles must meet the following copywriting and formatting requirements:

First page:

  • Title of article in Portuguese and English, with capitalized initial letters;
  • Name(s) of the author(s) (any article may have up to four authors);
  • CPF (Individual Taxpayer’s Registration, if Brazilian) of the author(s);
  • Mini Bio (maximum 10 lines) for each author;
  • Position/role and primary institution where author(s) works(work);
  • Author’s (authors’) e-mail address, contact telephone numbers and full professional mailing address.

Second page:

  • Abstract containing at least 400 (minimum) to 600 (maximum) words, in a single paragraph, in Portuguese and English;
  • Keywords containing at least three (minimum) to five (maximum) words, in Portuguese and English.

Third page onwards:

  • The text of the article;
  • The body of the article shall not identify its author(s) in any way, explicitly or covertly, otherwise it shall be rejected.



  • Word processor: Microsoft Word for Office 97 or higher;
  • Text layout: normal style (1 column);
  • Font: Times New Roman, 12 pt.;
  • Font for charts, figures, tables: Times New Roman, 10 pt.;
  • Use footnotes when strictly required. Information that may not be inserted in the text shall be included in endnotes, and shall be mentioned after the References;
  • Illustrations (charts, figures, tables) may be in full color, yet must retain the same font and size (Times New Roman, 10 pt.);
  • Paper size: A4 (29,7 x 21 cm);
  • Page numbers: bottom right corner;
  • Top and bottom margins: 3 cm;
  • Right and left margins: 2 cm;
  • Heading: 1.25 cm;
  • Text alignment: justified; 0.5 cm first-line indent;
  • Line spacing: single (for 1.5-cm formulae);
  • Character spacing: normal;
  • The text must be written in the third person, objectively, clearly and concisely, as suitable to papers of a scientific nature.


Copywriting elements

The size of the article, including bibliography, shall not exceed 20 A4-size pages, and shall be organized as follows:

  • Presentation or introduction;
  • Development:

Review of literature;




  • Conclusions and recommendations;
  • Research limitations/restrictions and suggestions for new studies;
  • References shall comply with the norms set by APA, 6th edition, and be presented alphabetically at the end of the article. All references shall be cited in the text of the article, pursuant to the alphabetic system (author-date).


Copyright Statement

Authors pledge awareness that, by submitting an article to Revista de Gestão e Negócios do Esporte RGNE for publication, they are automatically granting copyrights thereto, at no cost, to the magazine.

Authors assure their contribution is original and unpublished, and that it is not undergoing evaluation by any other periodical.

RGNE accepts no responsibility for the opinions, ideas and concepts expressed in the copies, as they are their authors’ sole responsiblity.

RGNE´s Editors reserve the right to perform alterations to the copy and to adjust articles to RGNE’s publication norms.


Privacy Policy

All names and addresses mentioned in this magazine shall be used exclusively for the services provided by this publication, and are not made available for any other purpose or to any third parties.


Reproduction Authorization

Authors are solely and fully accountable for the content of the articles.

All rights reserved to Revista de Gestão e Negócios do Esporte (RGNE).

The reproduction and publication of articles and excerpts thereof is permitted, provided the original source is properly cited.

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