Revista de Gestão e Negócios do Esporte (RGNE) ISSN 2448-3052 (on-line)

Revista de Gestão e Negócios do Esporte (RGNE) (Journal of Sport Management and Business) is a publication of Fundação Instituto de Administração (FIA) (Univeristy of São Paulo’s FIA Business School), supported by Associação Brasileira de Gestão do Esporte (ABRAGESP) (Brazilian Sports Management Association), focused on the production and dissemination of knowledge pertaining to the various and several areas of Sports Management, including managerial actions in the different sports expressions (educational, developmental, and related to participation and performance), in addition to themes related to the universe of Business and Management of the Sports World in its various activities. RGNE´s primary goals are:

  • Foster the scientific/academic/professional advancement of the activity through the publication of high-quality studies and research and new knowledge, successful experiments and capabilities in the aforementioned areas and themes;
  • Raise the interest and positive debate throughout the professional and academic environment of Sports Management and Business, within the scope of sports organizations and institutions offering sports practices, in the public sector, as well as in the private sector, in the media, at the three levels of government and in other segments or sectors that, somehow, are related to the area.

Revista de Gestão e Negócios do Esporte (RGNE) has the mission of fostering, through a world-class publication that promotes studies combining scientific knowledge and practical contribution, the rapprochement of the academic production and the Sports Business market.

As editorial guidelines, Revista de Gestão e Negócios do Esporte (RGNE) follows the principles in Manual de Boas Práticas da Publicação Científica (Good Practices in Scientific Publication), a manual designed to authors, referees, editors and members of Editorial Teams (in this instance, the Manual of Good Practices published by Anpad – National Association of Postgraduation and Research in Administration). The purpose of this document is to provide guidance, and it was elaborated based on the literature and practice of producing a scientific publication.